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Introduction to the Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs upholds the University’s motto of “Love and Devotion” in promoting the spirit of being “Dedicated & Team-engaged, Wise & Courteous” to cultivate excellent teaching talents and professionals in various areas. In accordance with the University’s Organizational Regulations, the Office of Student Affairs encompasses six divisions (offices), which are the Student Life Assistance Division, the Extracurricular Activities Guidance Division, the Health Services Division, the Student Counseling Division, the Campus Security Division, and the Physical Education Office. Additionally, the Resource Classroom and the Indigenous Students Resource Center have also been established to provide counseling and assistance for students with special needs and indigenous students, respectively.

The Office aims to construct an environment of safety and health for all staff and students, invigorate campus activities, and promote students’ holistic education development. Moreover, we strive to achieve three core objectives, which are creating a healthy and happy living environment, establishing a campus culture of safety and friendliness, and enhancing student affairs’ innovation and performance.

The Office of Student Affairs is staffed by a Dean, a Senior Executive Officer, a secretary, and a contracted project-based associate clerk.

The Dean’s office is located in Room A111, 1st Floor, Administration Building.